Suspension & ABS Delete

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

Not too much to update. I've been waiting for the past few weeks for the ADDCO front bar to arrive. They have been jacking me around on it, and keep giving me different dates for shipment. I guess they are waiting on the bushings to show up in the warehouse. The rear bar did show up this week, but it doesn't do me much good as I have no money to take care of the other items in the rear.

I did take advantage of the abnormally warm weather on Tuesday to paint the rear wheel wells and brake calipers. I was pleasantly surprised to find the rear sub frame brackets are in excellent condition, with no rust on them.

Since I will not have the front bar, and won't be able to put the front suspension back together this weekend, I'll have to move my focus to other areas of the car. I plan to swap front bumper covers with one that I picked up this summer that is in better shape, and replace the damaged right splash guard. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might try and track down the electrical gremlin living in my interior, and change a few burnt out light bulbs.

February 11, 2009

It has been a few weeks since I have had anything to update until today. I had been waiting on parts, and found myself away from home a few Saturdays, and the other ones were just too cold. I did manage to pull the bumper cover I bought last summer out of the shed and remove all the broken junk from it (see picture). I sourced a replacement molding for it, but haven't done anything with it. I may have found a parts car in the same color, so I want to see what happens with that before I put a lot of time and money into refurbishing this cover.

I did get started on installing the new front suspension pieces this past week. On Sunday, I dropped the K-member and removed the original bar. I got the new one in place and discovered I needed some longer bolts than the originals, so I called it a night. I picked up some bolts yesterday and went back to work on it today. It took much longer than I had anticipated.

I had to "flatten" the original brackets to fit over the new bushings, and drill out the bolt holes. I also had to enlarge the holes in the cheap stamped steel spacers that came with the ADDCO bar. The spacers are needed to allow enough clearance for the collar locks to be installed. However, with the larger diameter bar and spacers, the bar comes into contact with the body, so I had to make a notch on each side so it wouldn't hit.

Once I had the bar centered and installed, I put the k-member back into place. I had loosed the power steering cooler and lines when I dropped the k-member and as I was going to bolt them back in place, I had an idea. The stock cooler is very small, so I went down to the basement and found one from a Mark VIII that is about 4x larger. I trimmed the two mounting brackets from it, and got it to tuck in the original area very nicely. The tube size and spacing were the same, so the lines hooked up without any issues.

Other than cleaning up my tools and work space, which had gotten pretty bad as of late, that is all I got accomplished today on the car. I am hoping to find enough time this weekend to get the front suspension completed. If not, I have a couple days off from work next week that I can use that time to finish up. I'm also planning on dropping the rear end off soon to have the carrier and gears installed so I can move to the rear of the car when ready.

March 5, 2009

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