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Suspension & ABS Delete

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

I had the day off from work today, so I spent a little time in the garage. I wanted to get started on the brake conversion, so I started with test fitting the new brake booster. The bolt pattern is a little different on the new booster, but the holes were already in the firewall. I just needed to clear one out as the sound deadening material was blocking it. After adjusting a couple wiring harnesses, I was able to get it into place. In the process, I decided it would be best to reroute one of the brake lines that used to come along the top and drop down. With the new booster taking up that area, I routed it downward and it will come back up around the bottom. This should make for a cleaner install once everything gets hooked back up.

Once I got everything fitted, I pulled it back out to do some cleaning. The paint had been damaged in the area from the previous pump leaking, so I brushed it down, primed, and painted over it. I also touched up the area on the firewall where the booster mounts. After a quick coat of paint, I installed the booster and tucked the top wiring harness away behind it. I slid the new master cylinder on to check the fit. I am still trying to track down the correct proportioning valve, so I am not able to hook the lines up yet. Once I get that piece, I can bench bleed the master cylinder, install it, and bend/route the brake lines and get everything hooked up.

Since I had gotten as far as I could with the brakes for today, I decided to dig the Mark VIII front spindles, aluminum rear housing, and front caliper brackets out of the shed. I removed the ABS sensors from the spindles and painted them, along with the new calipers and brackets. I'll get the hubs/bearings changed out hopefully later this week, and then they will be ready to go.

January 19, 2009

I wasn't able to get a lot of things done this weekend, but did get a few small but important things taken care of. The cold weather slowed me down a bit also, as I struggled to keep the garage at 40 degrees. On Saturday, Brook and I made a trip out to Felhafers in Utica in search of a proportioning valve from a 92-94 Crown Victoria. I looked through several Panther chassis vehicles before coming across a '92 CV without ABS that still had a MC in it. $5 later and I had what I had come after.

Now that I had the fitting needed for the MC, I was able to finish up the brake install in the engine bay. I dug up a couple of zinc coated nuts from my bin, and got the MC mounted. I had to bend the brake lines and reroute them a bit since the mounting points are quite a bit different. Everything hooked up, and I think they turned out pretty good considering they weren't made for this application, and I had to bend them by hand. I ran a new vacuum line to the booster, reinstalled the wiper motor and cowl, and tucked all the old wires away.

From there, I turned my attention to the suspension. I dropped off the front spindles at LCB on Friday to have the new hubs installed, and plan to pick them up this week, and also get my springs installed on the new shocks. I ordered the new ADDCO anti-sway bars on Friday. All the parts I need to complete the front end should be here by next weekend, along with some warmer weather. In anticipation of that, I took some time to clean things up. I pulled both front fender liners as one needed to be replaced, and one will come half way out when I replace the front bumper cover. I cleaned everything up and added some fresh paint. I also removed the assembly brackets in readiness for the front bar install.

January 25, 2009

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