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Suspension Work Begins

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

I haven't really done much with the car this summer other than drive it a few times. I did get the windows tinted and had Brook do a little buffing on the crappy paint. Today is the last day that it will be out this year, as I will be parking it for the winter to do some more work on it.  Here are some photos that I took before putting the car away.

October 18, 2008

First post of the new year! It has been quite a while since I have worked on the car. I've been accumulating parts over the past few weeks and finally got out to the garage this weekend to get started. I have begun what will be a major suspension overhaul with some additional upgrades to the rear end and an ABS to conventional brake conversion. I have nearly all the parts I need, so I started to remove the worn out stuff from the car.

I was able to get everything from the front suspension removed except the tie rods as I need to locate a larger wrench. I also left the front sway bar for now since the replacement hasn't been purchased yet. I will have to drop the front sub frame down a few inches to R&R the front bar, and didn't feel like doing that more than once. I also remove the ABS master cylinder and pressure unit from the car to make room for the booster and new master cylinder.

I started tearing into the rear suspension on Sunday evening. I removed everything except the lower and upper control arms. The bushings look a bit dry on them, but I think they will be alright. Given the $200 in extra cost to replace them, I think they will work just fine. I also removed the rear end, which will be replaced with an aluminum case, an Auburn carrier, and 3.73:1 gears. I also found that the rear LH caliper seems to have been leaking slightly around the banjo bolt, which could very well explain my brake issues over the past year. I'm still going to go ahead with the conversion to avoid issues that are bound to come up with the antiquated system.

January 17-18, 2009

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