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1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

It's been two months since my last post, so I thought it was time for an update. I actually haven't done anything to the car since then, until today. With the cold weather and other commitments, I really haven't had much of a chance to work on it. I wanted to work on the interior of the car today as I have yet to do anything with it. While it's in overall very decent condition for being 19 years old, it was quite dirty. Also, the previous owner had pulled some of the dash apart as he was getting ready to install stereo equipment, so that needed put back together. Here was the scene from today:

March 15, 2008

Here are some before pictures. As you can see, the seats need some work, and the carpet has some really nasty stains in it. You can also see the missing parts of the dash:

I started by pulling all the seats out to I could get at the carpet.  I went over the carpet once with the shampoo vacuum and then started on the dash. I wanted to change a few items with nicer ones, and update a few things, I so I had to remove even more items before putting everything back together.

I got a lot of little things accomplished today.  I went over the carpet a couple more times, and it is much better now, but it still has some discoloration and staining in a few areas. Floor mats will cover a lot, but some will still be visible. It will work until I can find something better to replace it with. I won't have any after pictures for a few days as it was 11:30pm when I got the seats back in. The interior still needs some touch ups and then another good cleaning, but it's a lot better then when I started. Here is a list of what I accomplished today:


Overall not a bad way to spend 10 hours on a Saturday. In related news, I located a black front bumper cover that appears to be in better shape then mine, so I plan to pick that up. The same guy has some nice door panels so I can replace my drivers side one that is coming apart. I hope to get the exterior cleaned and waxed sometime this week as well as clean up the interior some more.

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Cleaned Carpet
Cleaned & Conditioned Seats
Replaced Seatbelt on DS Seat
Replaced Switch on DS Seat
Replaced Trim on DS Seat
Replaced Sunroof Switch Cover
Replaced Shift Knob
Replaced Shift Indicator
Replaced Console Top Trim
Touched up Leather on E-Brake Handle
Replaced Lower Dash Bin
Moved Trunk Open Button

Installed Dash Box
Installed PS Air Tube
Installed PS Air Vent
Installed Glove Box and Latch
Installed PS Lower Dash Panel
Replaced Power Antenna Switch
Replaced Vehicle Maintenance Monitor
Painted Gauge Surround Black
Cleaned Gauges
Replaced Steering Wheel
Replaced Multi-Function Switch