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Front End Repair

I am still waiting on the accumulator for the brakes, so the car is still on jack stands. It should be here on Monday and take about 5 minutes to install.† Hopefully it takes care of my brake issues.† Since it was still not drivable, I took the time to install the drivers side fender, hood, and replace the antenna. I had to do a little painting on the inside edge of the fender. Everything lined up fairly decent considering the car had been hit in the front twice, and the parts car had also been hit in front. If all goes well this week, I hope to have it drivable so I can take it over to my brotherís house and get the replacement bumper welded on and finish up the front end.

January 6, 2008

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

I have brakes! The ABS accumulator showed up today. I couldn't believe how tight the old one was, but I was able to finally get it to break loose and remove it. I got the new one installed and re-bled the brakes just for good measure. I put the wheels back on and the car now stops! Not quite as good as some of my other cars, but for stock brakes they feel pretty decent.† I only tried them on the driveway a bit. My ABS and BRAKE light aren't on any more, so hopefully this will take care of them for awhile. Just when I thought things were going well, that coolant leak showed up again. So I'll have to pull the intake tube off and see if I can't get that taken care of tomorrow.

January 7, 2008

I made some really good progress today! Today marked the first time that I have drove the car down the road since buying it over a year ago. I took the short drive over to my brother's house to work on getting the front end parts installed. Before we could start mounting parts, we had to do a little straightening. Who says you need fancy equipment to do this? A come-along, some clamps, a torch, and an F150 hitch worked surprisingly well.

January 12, 2008

Once we got things straightened out enough, we moved inside and started fitting parts on the car. We got the bumper lined up and my brother welded it on for me. I got the rubber isolator bolted back on and then the header panel installed. I had to adjust the drivers fender back a bit and play with the hood latch to get everything lined up and working. The hood opens and shuts perfectly now, and everything is lined up fairly decent for the car being hit in the front at least twice previously.

We did find out that they made some minor changes from a 1989 XR7 header panel and isolator and a 1991 LS. I had to do some trimming and cutting to get the bumper cover mounted. I spent a lot of time making little adjustments and such, but it turned out fairly decent. I installed the headlights and corner lights and finished up with the grille.

The front bumper cover from the parts car had been hit before, flexing it enough to crack the paint on the drivers corner. A little work with a Sharpie made it not nearly as noticeable, and will work until I can get the whole car repainted sometime down the road. Overall I'm quite happy with how everything lined up and how it looks.

The next step will be to give the interior a good cleaning, and put it back together, as well as work some magic on the paint. The paint is in fairly good shape, but has been seriously neglected for a couple of years. I'm hoping by spring the car will be clean inside and out, and still mechanically sound.

I've put about 70 miles on it so far and it seems to drive better and better each time. The gas that is in there is at least 2 years old, so I filled up with some fresh BP Premium and will change the filter once I have run some more fuel through it. The car does need an alignment, which I assume has something to do with getting hit, and I'm sure I will need to go through the suspension next winter.

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