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1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

Things defiantly went smoother today. I didn't get started until late afternoon, but got a decent amount accomplished. I started off by installing the push rods and rocker arms, then got the exhaust hooked up and the oil filter changed. From there, I added some fresh "flush" oil, and got the intake manifold and valve covers back on. I finished up by putting the accessory brackets back on, and the lower IC tube, which I wrapped to prevent heat soak from the drivers side exhaust manifold that sits right next to it. I may have to pull the drivers side accessory bracket to get the replacement dipstick tube installed that is on the way, but it's only 3 bolts if I have to.

December 2, 2007

I made some good progress today! It is actually starting to look like a complete motor again. I started off by installing the replacement dipstick that showed up on Monday, and then installed the rest of the pulleys, including 3 new 76mm steel tensioner pulleys. I also put the fuel rail/injectors/harness back on, a new SuperStant 180* thermostat, coolant temp sensor, and fixed the harness for the sensor. I also got the new plug wires, belts, and the intake return piece installed.  At this point, it was time to put the supercharger back on, but not before I did a some work on it.

I broke out the Scrubbing Bubbles and cleaned all the grease off of the snout and bottom from where the nose seal had been leaking, and also drained out the fluid. My friend Brook stopped by and got a chance to find out what used SC oil smells like!  I installed the new double lipped Viton nose seal and refilled it with fresh oil. I also pulled the inlet plenum and Throttle Body off to clean and reseal the connections and installed the EGR block off plate. Then it was time to drop the blower back on and hook up all the vacuum lines.

Once the blower was back on and hooked up, I wrestled the wiper arms/motor assembly back into place, and installed the intake tube and coolant overflow tank.  I also took a moment to remove the factory air silencer. It should help air flow a tiny bit, and more importantly, make the M90 more noticeable. I also mounted the trans cooler up front.

The goal for tomorrow is to get the new radiator and hoses installed, put the IC back in and finish up the connections, run the lines for the trans cooler, and drop the fan back into place. Hopefully I'll get to start it up.

December 8, 2007

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