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For those of you not familiar with the 1989-1990 Mercury Cougar XR7, or it’s better known cousin, the 1989-1995 Ford Thunderbird SC, I feel I should share a little bit of background information.

The 1989 Cougar represented a major overhaul for the model that was first introduced in 1967.  After nearly a decade of success on the Fox platform, Ford unveiled the all new MN12 chassis.  This new chassis would be the foundation of the 7th Generation Cougar as well as the Ford Thunderbird, and provide the basis for the FN10 chassis under which the Lincoln Mark VIII would be released on 4 years later.  During a time when many manufacturers were shifting their focus to front wheel drive technology or still relying on outdated solid axle rear wheel drive setups, the MN12 platform took a notably different route.  The independent rear suspension and SLA front suspension coupled with a rear wheel drive platform was a break through among domestic car manufacturers.

The Cougar was sold under two trim levels, the LS and XR7, neither offering a traditional V8 engine.  The XR7 was truly the performance model of the two, with many significant differences from the LS.  The XR7 featured a supercharged, intercooled, multi-port fuel injected 3.8L V6 with a 5 speed manual transmission (4 speed auto optional).  The XR7 model was also equipped with a Trak-Loc rear differential, electronically adjustable suspension (ARC), 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes, 16” alloy wheels, and 225/60/16 GoodYear Eagle tires, all standard to the model.  The interior featured an XR7 exclusive analog instrument cluster with boost gauge, 6 way power bucket seats with adjustable air lumbar and side bolsters, and a console mounted emergency brake handle.  The XR7 was only offered in three monochromatic color schemes; Black, Bright Red, and Oxford White.  The XR7 model was the top of the line Cougar in 1989, with a sticker price in excess of $20,000.  The Cougar was offered for 2 years with this configuration, with less than 9,000 units built during 1989 and 1990.  With only 2,225 automatic transmission models built in 1989, you might be able to further understand my need to “save” this one.

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Much better looking than the traditional Flying M badge found on many Mercury Cars.

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

My Cougar was ordered with a power moon roof, leather seats, and preferred package 266A

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