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I first came across this car during the summer of 2006.† The owner had placed a for sale advertisement on SCCoA forums.† I had always liked the 1989-1990 XR7 Cougars, so I contacted him.† He sent me some photos, I gave it some thought, but didnít pursue it any further.† Money was in short order, and as I have already stated, I really didnít need another project.† 4 months later, the owner dropped the price, and I agreed to purchase the car.

The car had been parked away in a garage since 2004.† It had light collision damage on the front end, was in need of brake work, and a few other odds and ends requiring attention.† It was complete, stock, and overall a clean example of this rare Mercury.† My original plan was to fix the body damage and brake issues, complete a through tune-up, and give the car a good cleaning.† I thought I would keep it all factory original, enjoying it as a good example of a 1989 Cougar XR7.† The more I got into the car, the more those plans changed.

The following pages are written in journal form as I began the ďrestorationĒ process.† I didnít think to document my work until several months into the project, so the first few entries are not very detailed.† The original entries were posted on a local car forum, and have been edited and reposted here.

I have had a lot of help and support along the way.† In particular, I need to thank my brother for lots of help and a warm garage, my good friends Brook and Ben, Dan at DynoSport, David of SCU, and the entire SCCoA community.

Cougar spotting in Northeast Kansas

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

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