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1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

I started off Sunday by cleaning up more fuel. My jack must not of been turned all the way, and let the tank drop down overnight. I wasn’t able to spray it down immediately like the day before, so the concrete is pretty stained. I pumped out 5 gallons from the tank and then dropped it down and changed the pump without further incident. I really hate the smell of gas now.

With the tank back up in place and the new pump tested, I figured I'd finish up on the bottom side of the car by installing the new exhaust. I had to first cut the old resonator from the down pipes so the new Flowmaster setup could be installed. This actually went really smooth and turned out great since I used a pipe cutter rather than just a saw of some sort. After a bit of tweaking on the hanger, and some hammering on the pipe, the front section was back in the car. The rear section went together extremely well. It didn't take long at all to bolt it up. All the hangers fit perfectly, and there really wasn't any issues with it.

April 27, 2008

Besides driving such cool cars, I have a killer wardrobe! Gotta love the black socks pulled up with the shorts and my really white legs. I can't understand why I'm single??

The car is back together again but I found more problems, so it will have to come back apart at some point. Here is what I managed to get accomplished this weekend.

I started out by porting the blower inlet. I just wanted to match the openings to the ported blower and larger throttle body. It certainly isn't anything amazing, but it took care of the sharp edges. Other than that, I just put everything back together, including the new pulleys, blower, intake, etc. Once that was all back together, I dropped the EEC out of the car, and installed a chip to match up the injectors and MAF. The tune seems pretty close right now, but I'll get it dialed for sure on Saturday.

I did find what was causing a few issues when I took the car apart. The blower belt was slipping really bad, which would explain only making 8-10 lbs of boost. It was a brand new belt, but was probably made in 1990, so it was dry and just went to powder under load (see first picture). I think I located a possible vacuum leak also The bypass tube had a big tear in it, but it was under the clamp, so I'm not sure how much of a problem it was. It is still a little low on the vacuum, but it doesn't runs fine.

I still need to wire up the IC fan and bleed the brakes yet again. I also found a small coolant leak while I was working on the car. It looks like the filter adapter/oil cooler is leaking. That will be a pain to change out, and will have to wait a while. I tried to charge the AC system today and the compressor sounds terrible. Once I got some refrigerant in, it sounded like it was leaking out of the compressor somewhere. Looks like I'll have to replace that before the AC will be working.

May 3-4, 2008

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