Final Exterior Touches

I drove the car back home with me to Kansas. I was amazed at how quiet and smooth the drive was now that 95% of the wind noise has been eliminated from installing the new seals early this month. It was a really an enjoyable drive, and the headlight performance of the car really impressed me now that they are properly aligned.

This evening I washed the car and prepared to take care of a few more odds and ends. The front cover turned out pretty good for as much trouble as I had with it. If you go back and look at some of my other posts, it is a big improvement over the one that is there. The hood still looks terrible and is next on the list to be fixed. I am still holding out for a used one with good paint that I can just swap it.

The molding I had purchased showed up for it today. I went to install it, and found that the width of the gap on the cover was not uniform. I had to trim the end of the molding to get it to fit, and it still did not lay in there very good. The cheapness of the aftermarket cover has really begun to show up now. The molding turned out alright, but having cost over half of what the whole cover did, I wasn't real happy with the results. It does look better with something in there than just the empty groove.

September 28, 2009

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

I then reinstalled the rear name plates on the car. I had thought about keeping them off, but it just looked too plain to me. I did install them on the opposite side from what the factory had. It previously read "Cougar XR7 Mercury", and now reads "Mercury Cougar XR7". I have to see if any of the Cougar purists notice.

I then spent at least an hour or more going over the car with touch up paint. It was pretty depressing how bad the paint is on the car, especially when you have it under some good lighting. I painted the body sealer we had put down earlier this month to protect it from UV rays, and touched up some of the worst chips on the car. I attempted to "fix" my rear quarter window debacle, an put some paint down on the only rust areas on the car where the rear 1/4 panel had been previously replaced.

I am planning to have the car buffed out again to see if there is anything left in the paint to make it look better. As mentioned, I'm keeping an eye out for a different black hood as well. Other than that, this is as good as it's going to get. The car really needs some body work and a full "real" paint job, so it is futile to continue to try and make the exterior look better.

I took a few photos the next evening now that the exterior is “done”.

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