Exhaust & Suspension

1989 Mercury Cougar XR7

Since I didn't have to work today, and the weather was excellent, I took most of the day to work on the car. I started by taking the new down tube over to my brother's house to install an O2 bung. Once I had drilled a hole and got everything lined up, my brother welded it in place. I then made by way back home and started work by removing the lip on the inside of the exhaust manifold collector with a porting bit. It certainly wasn't anything spectacular, but it made me feel better. The new tubes were now ready to be installed. The drivers side went on pretty easily. The passenger side however did not. I really had to fight it into position, and even with everything lined up it seemed to be 1/4" too low. I was able to push it into place and get the manifold nuts installed, but it certainly was a pain.

I'm still waiting on parts for my rear end, so I was not able to complete everything in back of the car, but I did get started on what I could. I installed the new ADDCO rear anti-sway bar and end links, Eibach rear springs with poly isolators, and a pair of NOS ARC shocks. Everything was pretty straight forward as far as installation. Once I had some new parts on there, the lower control arms looked pretty bad, so I gave them a quick coat of paint.

While working on the rear of the car, I noticed the rear calipers are looking pretty bad. I had originally decided not to worry about them, but the more I looked at them, the worse they appeared. I found some remanufactured units on clearance at Rock Auto, so I went ahead and ordered them. I figured it was a good time considering all the other brake parts are new and needing to bleed the entire system anyway. Hopefully they will show up in time to install this weekend.

The car is getting really close to being drivable again. If my parts come in this week, I should be able to have it road worthy by the end of the weekend. First stop will be an alignment shop.

March 17, 2009

This will be a short entry. I had planned to have everything back together by the end of this weekend, but my rear end didn't get finished. I had to special order a part from Auburn, and they forgot to ship it, twice. I managed to get it Saturday morning, but the guy that is setting up the rear differential wasn't at work, so it will have to wait until Monday. I'm hoping to have everything back together on Wednesday since I have the day off, and then get it aligned as the weather permits.

After spending Saturday taking care of a few misc things on my other vehicles, I spent an couple hours in the garage taking care of some small details on the Cougar and cleaning off the work bench. I started by extending the wiring on the coolant overflow tank sensor. The wiring shares the same harness as the MAF, and with it's new location, was too short. I also painted the top of the power steering reservoir black, checked fluids, and reinstalled the rear splash shields. It shouldn't take me too long to finish things up on Wednesday.

March 22, 2009

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